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Acelot Academy is a career solutions company transforming the way career is managed by individuals and organisations. We create and link the “Right Fit for the Right Job.” 


This vertical of our enterprise has evolved from our fundamental belief that the problem in today’s India is not Employment but Employable People


Our mission is to use technology to empower and enable every individual & every organization to curate their personal and employee careers to achieve more. To be the lifelong partners of individuals and organisations delivering on the career plans together

The Acelot Academy Online Platform was created with the vision to make the best courses made available to the most. The learners are guided on why they should do to achieve what they want to.



We use our 5D methodology to deliver career solutions.



While most counseling starts with the benefits of a course and the various options available - we start a step before that. 


Our simple belief – “if you do what you love, you will not have to work a single day in your life!!”

We use world-recognized tools and AI-powered analytics to help in Discovering, Defining, and Designing personal and employee careers and achieve more.

We use world-recognized tools and AI-powered analytics to undertake Psychometric analyses of those seeking to Discover their Passion and help them convert their passion to their Profession.





Our Delivery assistance map:



The support for students pursuing academic upskilling include: 

⦁    Study Abroad
⦁    Course recommendation
⦁    Admission assistance
⦁    Education loan
⦁    Visa assistance
⦁    Preparatory counseling – for Tier I universities globally






Acelot Academy works closely with knowledge subject matter experts – Individuals / Colleges / Universities, / Institutions – in creating their solutions and courses.


For corporates, we work on:
⦁    Hiring
⦁    Training
⦁    Talent management

Our SaaS-based Learning management system offers a custom solution for corporates to host, manage and monitor training and L&D efforts.


We are a government recognised firm and partners to MEPSC, Skill India; Government of India in driving our flagship program “Campus to Corporate …. & Beyond.”


Our other accreditation:
Startup India, MSME, Microsoft recognised Startup



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