We are inviting partners to join us in selling the cloud-based Learning Management System in SaaS platform.


This platform can be used by:

  1. Individuals: Tutors, Coaching Center, Teachers (also as an ecom platform)
  2. Corporations: any corporate (Manufacturing/Hospitality/Aviation/Security etc.) can use the platform for conducting their trainings.
  3. Schools and Colleges


The feature packed Easy - to - use and Easy - to - build LMS platform!

  1. App based – Mobile Friendly.
  2. Complete White Labeling
  3. Multi-Tenant
  4. Create unlimited subaccount to match your organisation structure and manage them all from one place. Customise each account tailor made for each department / team.
  5. Complete Security- Data and Content
  6. Detailed Dashboard – track Enrolments/Course progress/ custom reports/exportable excel sheets.
  7. Add tests and quizzes.
  8. Create users in bulk, auto assign courses to groups instantly.
  9. Fine tune roles and their permissions easily.
  10. Get customized homepages!


As a partner you will be getting:

  1. Complete product training
  2. Life long earning from any client you onboard.


You could be any of the three types of partner with us:

  1. Sales Associate: you pass a lead to us. On successful sale you get your one-time payout.
  2. Sales Partner: You close the deal and manage the client relationship. You get a onetime payout and a lifelong payout as long as the client is with us.
  3. Value Added Partner: You do all that a Sales Partner does and additionally work with your client for onboarding, training, and servicing client requests by coordinating with AA.


Send in your details to get started today!

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