Student VISA

Get assistance to file your VISA application. On-time! Every time! Get assistance to file your VISA application. On-time! Every time!

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Student VISA

Get assistance to file your VISA application. On-time! Every time! Get assistance to file your VISA application. On-time! Every time!

Acelot Created by Acelot Academy Last updated Tue, 29-Aug-2023  English

Program Overview



What is a Student Visa?

Student Visa for Studying Abroad as the name suggests are issued to students who wish to pursue education in a foreign country. This process starts after the prospective student has received a Confirmed or Unconditional letter of Acceptance from the University where he/she wants to pursue the education. This is governed by the immigration laws of the specific countries. However, There is a broad framework of similarity for all countries.

VISA is a travel document permitting a student to stay and study in a foregn country legally. The simple process is endorsement on a valid passport by the immigration authorities allowing the student to stay in the country of eductaion for the entire duration of the curriculum.


When can one apply for a Student VISA?

There are two key aspects to plan for your VISA.

1. The dates by when to apply:  This is to be done by working backwards from the session start date which one intends to join. From here one needs to work backwards, factoring the time required to fulfill all the needs for a VISA application. The key point to note here is that the puprose of a VISA application is very different from that of an application to the University. While the main purpose of a University applicatioon is to establish the reason why a particular course in a particular university and how that aligns to the overall career objectives. The VISA application is to clearly identify why the student is choosing a particular country and how the student plans his career after the course is completed. The reason to stay on or come back can become a deciding factor of granting or rejecting a student VISA.

2. The requirements to be fullfilled before applying: While there are specific needs by country, type of VISA, and the apllicants status, the overall structure for a student VISA follows a broadly similar set of requirements. They are


English proficiency test results - preferably IELTS or similar. VISA application completely and correctly filled out
Unconditional offer letter from college where one desires to study Proof of funds - Semester fees paid and bank account adequately funded for stay duration
Insurance - Health and travel Valid  passpot



Student VISA types


There are two (02) major classifications of Student Visa

1. Basis Program Duration

In this case, the duration of the course is the primary criterion for granting the VISA and its validity period. This makes the VISA

a) Sort term - VISA is for courses that can be completed in 3 months' time.  Usually given for certificate or vocational courses

b) Long term.. Any course extending beyond 3 months requires a long term VISA.


2. Basis type of Programme / Student

Irrespective of the duration of the course, some countries classify student visas basis the type of student. This could be:

  1. level of degree applied for (undergraduate, graduate or doctoral),

  2. exchange student or

  3. student applying for a vocational/ diploma course.

Broadly speaking, as these visas also depend on the type, of course, the student is applying for, these are somewhat linked to tenure. However, in these categories, the first point of distinction is not how long the programme would be, for instance, as an exchange student, you could be going for 3 months or 3 years, but the category would still be based on the type of student and not the tenure.


VISA Rejection

The various types of VISA have their respective reasons for the rejections.

When a VISA gets rejected one should evaluate closely the reasons for rejection. If the reason is not visible upfront one should not get disheartened. There are other ways to get information about the rejection reason.

For example, Your Canada student visa got rejected, and you are not a Canadian citizen or do not hold a Canadian PR, you can apply for GCMS or CAIPS notes through a consultant or a representative who is a Canadian citizen or permanent resident. Global Case Management System or Computer Assisted Immigration Processing System will provide you with details information about your visa application. It takes around 35-40 days for you to receive these notes. You must check similar facilities for other countries as well. Such facilities allow you to get in-depth information about your visa application.


The top reasons for rejection are as listed below:

  • Lack of sufficient financial funds or proofs to support foreign education
  • The inability of confirming a necessary return to India after completion of education
  • Incorrect or false documents
  • Inadequate language or communication skills
  • Misbehaviour during the visa interview
  • Failure to explain the reason for choosing a particular course, university, or country
  • Inability to provide convincing answers during the interview


Though the visa process and its requirements for most of the countries are the same, the reason behind a rejection may vary with different countries. 

VISA Services

The service of VISA as provided by Acelot is detailed here. 

FAQ: Student VISA

There are two ways to apply for a VISA.

1. Online: The application is to be filled out correctly on an online form.

2. Offline: Here the application is to be downloaded and filled up. Then the filled-out form is to be submitted to the required authorities

Yes. Spouse and children below 18 years can travel with students. However, they cannot travel on the student VISA. They would need a different VISA for themselves.

Most countries allow 20 hours/week working with a student VISA.

Most countries give a work VISA ranging from six (06) to twenty-four (24) months post the studies are completed.


The fees paid are not refundable. Acelot Academy does not guarantee a VISA issuance once the filing is done. Issuing a VISA is at the sole discretion of the authorities.

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