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08-Jul-2022      Education    Acelot Academy

Acelot  Academy How studying abroad is getting easy by the day!


Education is one of the essential things in life; It helps you succeed in a professional career and makes you ready to deal with all ups and downs coming in life. Day by day, apart from the course content, cultural, social, and industrial exposure is becoming an essential factor for building a successful career. The importance of overall personality development is equally important along with proper course knowledge. There are many world-class universities abroad that attract students across the globe by offering a wide range of courses. These courses are designed to make overall development of students. Studying abroad helps students learn about new cultures and gives you good international exposure, helping you get a global perspective which is very important in the era of globalization. Because of all these points, the number of students going abroad is increasing daily.










1. Indian students going abroad
According to UNESCO and Wikipedia report the number of Indian students studying outside India rapidly increased by 163% between 1999 and 2006 to reach 1,45,539, compared to slower growth of 25 % between 2006 and 2013 to reach 1,81,872. According to the ministry of external affairs, as of January 2022, a total of 11,33,749 Indian students are studying in 85 countries outside India.

In the 2021 year, 4,44,553 students departed India for higher education, whereas 2,59,655 students were studying abroad in the year 2020. Clearly, it is evident that the number of Indian students going abroad is increasing with time.

2. International students in top Universities-

The number of international students studying at universities like MIT and Haward is increasing remarkably. According to the MIT ISO report, 27.79% of total MIT university students were from abroad in 2020-21, this number increased to 28.05% in 2021-22. According to the world atlas, Asia has the highest number of students going abroad. Ranking-wise, China, India, and North Korea are countries having maximum students going abroad for studies. This overall scenario shows that the number of students going abroad to study is significantly increasing.


Top factors driving this growth-


This significant growth in number is because of multiple factors as follows:


1. Guidance of education consultancies- Lack of knowledge about different opportunities abroad and the complicated long admission process of universities was a major concern for many students. Education consultancies guided students to select suitable colleges by providing correct information. These consultancies even helped students in every step of the admission, from guiding them to frame SOP to preparing them for final interviews. Education consultancies make the whole complicated process easy for many students.


2. Availability of finance -Initially, finance was a major concern for students going abroad. The availability of different student loan schemes solved this issue. Even different Scholarships offered at universities made the situation better for students to consider studying abroad as an option.


3. Work Opportunity for students - Though students' loan solves the initial financial issue, handling daily expenses is also a big problem while living abroad. Many universities include a part-time job as part of their curriculum, which helps students to manage their daily expenses while studying.


4. Improved employment opportunities-Studying at abroad will help you to gain multiple skills like good communication skills, and a global perspective, making you adaptive to new cultures and lifestyles which is very important for an employer. Abroad universities will enhance your employability by providing you skills and experience an employer look for.


5. Lower study cost- Many countries offer quality education at affordable rates. According to the scoop whoop report, public universities in Germany do not charge any tuition fee for providing higher education to students. Even in Norway graduate, Postgraduate, and doctorate level programs do not charge any fees regardless of the student's nationality. Austria, France, Spain, Belgium, and Finland are a few more countries that offer quality education at a very low cost.


Though going abroad is easy now because of multiple factors mentioned above, it is very important to make the right decision. Considering multiple factors which vary from person to person choosing the right university is very important.








Importance of Guidance -


Your career graph will highly depend on your graduation stream and university. Taking the right decision while choosing a stream and university is important. Taking guidance from a mentor can help you to land the right decision. Guidance is very important in the following steps:


1. Choosing the right stream - 

To build a successful career having an interest in your work is very important. Proper guidance can help students to get a clear idea about career opportunities in each and every field, helping students to decide on the right stream depending on their interests.


2. Applying to universities -

There are many universities abroad and it's very difficult to decide which one to choose. The different university offers different courses with different combination of subjects. Proper guidance is necessary for students to choose the right university based on their career objectives.


3. Preparing for the admission process - 

Scoring well in exams is not enough to get admission to abroad universities. Submitting a Statement of Purpose (SOP) and a personal interview are equally important steps in the admission process. Proper guidance is required to write an SOP that will help students to stand out from others. Good preparation for a personal interview can help them to showcase their confidence, command of communication skills, and right attitude towards life which is necessary for securing admission.


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